The world has changed and with it, we changed too!

    We had to adapt and create a sustainable method so that it was possible to unite three indispensable elements: Work, financial independence and love for the profession.

    Working as a freelancer can be a roller coaster of emotions, both in Portugal and anywhere else in the world.
    Networking and discipline are two keywords for a successful path! One of the biggest questions for anyone who wants to start their freelance career is precisely this: when and where to start?

    It is essential to be sure of what we want to do as freelancers right from the start and begin building our brand in the area, attracting clients.
    Building a personal brand takes work and requires patience and effort, but it is possible to grow in this area with the help of platforms that encourage, promote and expand our range of customers.

    The role of digital platforms in this transformation was crucial for more professionals to discover freelance work.
    There are many online platforms for freelancers where you can start looking for your first clients. In addition to finding job offers in the most diverse areas and of the most diverse types, these are also useful tools to assess market needs. For example, to find out which niches are most in supply and demand, what are the values and base budgets for certain areas or services, among others.

    Some of the most attractive advantages of the freelance profession are autonomy, flexibility and the potential for higher incomes.
    Platforms such as Vettted, Workana, Fiverr or Upwork help freelancers attract new clients, have a financial plan and choose a specific area of activity.

    Analyzing these platforms, we can see that there are both things that unite them and things that separate them.
    All of them charge a commission per service, however there is no monthly fee, something that allows freelancers to have freedom in accepting jobs.

    Workana is a good alternative for anyone starting their career as a freelancer as it offers support for professional growth and development, with the possibility of obtaining certificates.
    However, it is quite difficult to grow within the platform, as there are several levels that are only achieved according to certain specifications, and the free plan is quite limited.

    Although there are several methods of payment available, the amount of the paid plans is in dollars, something that can be considered a disadvantage by both professionals and customers.
    If the goal is to find long-term collaborations, Fiverr is a good option with several areas of activity: Design, Translation, Video, Digital Marketing, Voice Over, among others. In addition to the 12 main categories there are also several subcategories.

    Marketing for freelancers is limited as professionals on Fiverr can only contact clients through the platform.
    Upwork provides freelancers with a broad channel to connect with international clients, which can be an advantage if the goal is to expand services across borders.

    However, Upwork only approves about 3% of freelancer profiles. If you don’t offer a niche service or don’t have an elaborate CV/portfolio, there’s a high chance you won’t be approved as a freelancer.
    With the goal of connecting marketers and leading companies in the sector, Vettted was created, which stands out for its transparency with freelancers. On this platform, the professional earns 100% of the value for his work, something that differentiates this platform from the others.

    At Vettted, the professional is able to establish a deadline for delivery, something that does not happen on other platforms, where there is a pre- defined deadline that is sometimes difficult to meet.
    Working as a freelancer is not a decision to be taken lightly, as it implies more responsibility, discipline, organization, persistence and networking.

    However, it is possible to be successful while being self-employed, register with Vettted and accept new challenges ➡️