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10 Steps to Start as a Freelancer



Have you ever considered leaving the office and working from anywhere, making your own
schedule and choose which projects you want to work on?

In the last few years, people are choosing to become independent professionals, mostly
because of the benefits and the freedom that you found being your own boss.
Making that choice opens up a world of possibilities for a new life, so we made this quick
guide to help you to start as a freelancer professional!

1. Find what you love and let it shine on you!

The first step is to find your work area and what kind of thing you want to offer. Find out what
kind of activities you can do online, in which you have expertise or experience, and which
interest you!

You also need to define your niche, this will make you stand out from the competition.
When you define an area of expertise, it allows you to specialize in it and become a
reference, which will expand your expertise in other projects.
The most important thing is to choose as your focus what gives you the most pleasure and
what you do most easily.

2. Show your work

Collect some works done by you in the chosen area and build a portfolio to show your work
for possible clients.
If you don’t have previous experience, don’t worry! Consider working with fictitious clients
or as a volunteer as a sample of your services, this will serve to show the quality of your
Be sure to create a complete portfolio, with all the information necessary for the client to
realize that you have exactly what he is looking for in his project!

3. Do your Personal Marketing

As a freelancer professional, it is very important for you to know how to communicate and
position yourself online to prospect clients.
Know your competition and discover your strengths. In this way, you will build an attractive
brand and show that you can have unique advantages for your clients.
It’s also important to learn how to create partnerships and participate in multiple spaces in
the niche that your work, so you become known by your partners and has the possibility to
exchange knowledge with them.

4. Learn how to manage your time

It is very important that you divide your day according to your routine, so you can balance
work as a freelancer with other activities.
Well-defined schedules and an organized schedule are the key to your success as a
freelancer. You can count on planners, calendars, mobile apps, and even your email calendar
to help you in this mission.

5. Learn to price your work

To attract your first clients, it is important to set a competitive price for your work, but
without devaluing it.
Talk to other freelancers, calculate your structural costs and be well informed to
propose relevant and fair values for both sides.
Knowing your hourly rate, the costs involved, you will have to adjust the value
according to the project and the company’s profile, and taking into account the time it
will take to execute.
Being a good professional and charging a fair price are the key to loyalty to your

6. Create your workspace

Having an environment equipped to carry out your tasks will increase your work
quality. Consider getting a good chair, preferably an ergonomic one, a table and a
stable internet connection, these things will allow you to work more comfortably.
Avoid including distractions in your workplace, it is preferable to set aside time to
refresh your mind with them.
As a freelancer, you will always need to invest in equipment from time to time. So
save some money to use for this purpose.
Do not see this as an expense, but as an investment in your quality of life as a
worker and in the quality of the work you will offer.

7. Start to study

Even if you have prior knowledge in the chosen area, continuing to study is the key
to achieving success as a freelancer. You can always learn something new or perfect
a skill!

Visit forums, take courses, watch video classes, read reference portals and
exchange experiences with other professionals in your niche to always be up to date
with the news in your area.

Being an up-to-date professional allows you to always be ready to meet any demand
your client may need.

8. Define your target client

After choosing the niche that you want to work in, you can also define the type of
client that you want to attend to.
You can choose to work with occasional clients or clients that have a continuous

It is necessary to know potential customers to enable a rapprochement. Once you’ve set that up, make a list of clients you’d like to have, to profile them. Research about them, get to know the area of operation, their products, services and their needs.

9. Learn how to manage your finances

As a freelance professional, your earnings are based on how many projects you
work on and for this reason, your monthly earnings do not follow a rule.
It is important for you to know how to manage your finances, to be prepared for
eventual needs if you become ill or unable to work for a while.

Keep track of how much you’re earning from freelance jobs and how much you’re
spending. Whenever possible, save and save some money in an emergency fund, so
that you will always have all the support you need for these situations.

10. Be where your clients are!

Now that you’re ready to freelance, you have to be where your prospective clients are and
Vettted is the right place for that!

Vettted is a place to connect freelancers and businesses with just a few clicks! By creating a
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