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About the Service
Are you looking for a powerful link building strategy that will help you increase your clients' rankings and visibility in the SERPs? Look no further than Semantic Links Niche Edits (also known as "Link Insertions") from Bradley Benner of Semantic Mastery. These links are highly targeted to a specific topic and provide a strong signal to search engines that your website is a trusted authority in that niche. With Semantic Links Niche Edits, you can rest assured that your website is getting the best exposure and ranking. Unlike other link providers, Semantic Links Niche Edits are built with topical relevance matching at both the referring page and the referring domain level (see attached image) and are designed to support and reinforce your website's overall SEO strategy. Our backlinks are sourced from highly-relevant "keyword clustered" sites built entirely for specific industry/business categories. Many of our sites have real organic search traffic, thus making these links even more effective. I’ve developed and perfected a link building method specifically for local businesses in the age of the semantic web with topically relevant source domains used exclusively for local SEO and Google Business (Maps) ranking. All of our link sources have been analyzed with Majestic and have Trust Flow (TF) 10 or greater, and Topical Trust Flow (TTF) is always in the most appropriate category ONLY. We currently have over 300 blogs available. SEE CURRENT LIST OF SITES AND TOPICS HERE 👉 👈 In addition to providing you with the most relevant links possible, all posts we insert a link into receive a batch of topically relevant Tier-2 links as well! With Semantic Links Niche Edits, you can take your search engine rankings to the next level and stay ahead of the competition.
How it Works
You provide your target URL and anchor text
I identify the most appropriate TTF category
I place your link in highly-relevant content and submit the post for reindexing
You recieve a detailed report
  • Excel workbook with source Domains/URLs
  • Samples

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