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"Schema Data + Geotagged Map Combo" is the latest tool Google uses to understand and rank your website...and it's too important to ignore! Increase your traffic from Google, and grow your customer base and your profits by having an expert implement Schema On your website. 95% Of Local Businesses Don't Have Schema Data On Their Website... Yet Schema Data is the latest tool Google uses to understand and rank your website! Schema Data markup actually codes for search engines to understand the meanings behind the subject matter on your site, and provide a better Internet user experience. Google says 40% of all searches especially local searches include schema data, however, more than 95% of local businesses do not have schema on their site or it is incorrect missing data. This new form of SEO Ranking optimization is one of the most powerful, BUT least-utilized forms of SEO available today. Your competition is catching on to this important change and you won't want to be left behind!
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