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I have 10 years of SEO experience. I have a SEO Team which focuses on search engine optimization in the US, UK and Canada; I am managing 15 employees. Removing spam backIinks is important for SEO and required for lifting Google Penguin Manual or Algorithm penalty. ✅✅✅What do you get when you purchase this Gig? ✅Disavow Link Removal Package - Complete manual analysis on all your site's backIinks to find and address of high risk domains in a disavow file. This package can be suitable for Penguin Algo Penalty or Manual Penalty. ✅Disavow and Manual Link Removal – Includes Disavow Package + Submitting to Webmasters removal requests. This package can be suitable for Penguin Algo Penalty or Manual Penalty. ✅Fully Recovery Package – Include Disavow and Manual Link Removal + Write a reconsideration request and submit all documentation. This package is only suitable for Penguin Manual Penalty. ✅✅✅What will you receive in the deliverable? ✅Link Analysis File ✅Spreadsheet of the removal requests, print screens and disavow file. Note: For sites with 500+ links, please check the extras below.

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Abdul Alim

Guest Posting, SEO Backlinks, Link Building | Rajshahi, BD


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