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✅Do you need to increase your Google Maps ranking? There's 3 Principles that Matter: 👉 GEO Relevancy 👉 Topical Relevancy 👉 Authority This Service gives you both GEO & Authority. ✅Why GEO Relevance? 1) We will be GEO tagging the image used within this property which gives the signal to Google about your business/location 2) We will be providing a full business citation with a backlink within the property. 3) We will be embedding your location and local micro data will be filled out giving you map links to other high authority map sources. ( As seen in the video case study and example) 👉 ✅Why Authority? As you may know Wikipedia is one of the more Authoritative websites that exist in the world. Domain Authority: 98+ Page Authority : 89+ Trust Flow : 70+ Citation Flow : 75+ You can get 200+ Map Embeds or as many as you want but if they are not placed in web properties with any type of're basically wasting time & money. You can have a stronger effect when investing in stronger properties. 😳 Every SEO marketer & their mother always gets your basic citations (Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc) 👉To outrank your competition you need to create trust in unique ways that are a bit different and go above what other marketers are doing. - This is that unique strategy. 👈 😎 Sit back & relax, we'll get it done for you. (video case study and example) 👉 ( This can only be done 1x per website location) (Yes, if you have internal location pages, it can be done)

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Ron Valdivia

Local Lead Gen & Google Maps | Windermere, US


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