Setup Or Fix Google Analytics, Ga4, Facebook Pixel Or Tag Manager Conversion API

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Hey There! Are you looking for iOS14 proof Advanced Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook pixel Conversion tracking? If yes, then here is your guy! If it is a lead generation website, eCommerce store, or blog. I got you covered! A package and process for everyone in plain English! Tried my best to make the gig easy for you. My process: 1). Say HI! and Send me the link to your website. 2). Tell me what would you like to track or Get my recommendations 3). Place your Order 4). Ta Da.. Here is your setup Let me help you in making the best decision in picking up the ideal package for your website. Basic Package: Google Analytics setup to track all pages and user visits (Ideal for blogs) Standard Package: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager + Facebook pixel setup with lead and conversion tracking for Facebook and google analytics. (Ideal for Your Lead Gen site) Premium Package: Standard package + Enhanced eCommerce analytics + All eCommerce events for Facebook Pixel + G Ads conversion tracking to track sale+ remarketing and retargeting & GA and GAds linking (Ideal for your Online Stores) Shoot me a message and let's get started!

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Sr Shohag

Google Ads Expert | Dhaka,Bangladesh, BD


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