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Certified Google Ads Expert with 5 years experience in Google Ads. Having a strong background in Google Ads along with my knowledge and experience, I will set up high converting Google Ads campaigns to Generate Sales for your products or High-Quality Warm Leads for your services to help you maximize the ROAS. Standard Package: Everything in Basic Package and, From Competitor analysis, we’ll take the most performing keywords, ad copies, extensions, etc to outrank them Bidding optimization would lower the cost immensely and increase the website traffic 7 Days Optimize & Manage Premium Package: Everything in Standard Package and, Setup conversion event, which optimizes the ad for results. More Ad groups, Ads & Extensions increase the Ad Rank & bring more power to outperform others. 14 Days Optimize & Manage

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Sr Shohag

Google Ads Expert | Dhaka,Bangladesh, BD


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