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TikTok is now competing with Google... Crazy right? While Google has always been the 'go-to" for people searching online, younger generations have now turned to TikTok for their search curiosity. The highly engaging visual aspect of TikTok's SEO feature makes searching for "local hotel near me" a lot more fun than searching the same term on google. Each person's search will show them a variety of videos in real time of the products or services they're looking for to help them make a buying decision. The best part is that some of these videos are even ranking on Google. The smartest brands are already leveraging TikTok SEO to reach TikTok users (over 1B people) who spend an average 45mins per day on the app. Let me help you make sure that you're showing on the search results for TikTok and let's build a strategy so your business can stay relevant while times change.

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Jordan Lee Mangan

Helping Businesses Leverage TikTok SEO | Lisbon, PT


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