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Are PBN Links still working in 2022? Hell yes. Are they risky? Not here. I’m Farhan. I have been doing SEO for over a decade now, and expanded my knowledge ever since until I decided to focus on PBNs almost exclusively. You can think of me as the PBN guy, because that’s what I truly became! I Don't Just Deliver Links, I Deliver Results. ⚠️ THIS IS NOT A RANDOM PBN NETWORK Finding a reputable and trusted PBN seller is not easy. This is why after my clients try the power of my PBN network, they stick with me for years. I have been building and polishing my PBNs for 5 years now. My team and I go through extensive experimenting and testing daily to find the best possible approaches to ranking any keyword in any niche. 50-250 Backlinks from our network are going to outperform a .edu backlink from DA 90+ any given day. The reason is, that not all backlinks are valued equally. Google definitely gives more importance to Homepage Contextual Backlinks than a Backlink coming from the inner page. Also, the amount of quality RDs linking to your site will still be a huge ranking factor. HOW MANY PBN LINKS YOU SHOULD GET? It depends. What I mean by this is that we need to understand where your website is at - niche, current rankings, topical relevant informational blogs around your main keywords, etc. - A fresh website can get 50-250 foundation PBN backlinks. As soon as the keywords start appearing on the SERPS, we can start hitting with more PBNs. - A website that is already ranking decently but needs a movement for like 5 money pages can get 50 PBN Links/money page so 250 PBN Links/month in total. - Medium to high competition websites could get around 250-500 PBN links a month that will hit 5-15 money pages with unique anchor text diversity. Notes to this PBN strategy: -Consistent PBN Linking every month -Increasing PBN Link Velocity over time -Unique Anchor Text Variations -Targeting multiple Money Pages WHAT YOU'LL GET? ✓ Contextual homepage links. One link per post. ✓ Links DO FOLLOW and PERMANENT ✓ Anchor Text Strategy from Saket Wahi himself (OPTIONAL) ✓ Drip-Feed for safe and realistic-looking link-building ✓ 300+ word unique niche relevant article with relevant images and video ✓ Link Privacy (Hide your links from competition) ✓ Multiple URLs accepted (You can submit completely different websites if you want) ✓ Partial report to verify links PBN Network Details 1500-2000 High Authority PBNs in our network √ Toxicity Tested √ Different A Class and C Class IP Hosts √ Third-Party Crawlers Blocked √ DR 5-40+ (According to Ahrefs) √ 30-150+ RD (According to Ahrefs) √ Spam Checked (Squeaky clean backlink/anchor text profile) √ Unique (Different themes for each site and not stock generic garbage) √ Low homepage OBL √ Zero footprints (No interlinking, different hosts, different registrars, etc..) √ FAQ Will I receive a report? You will receive a partial report. Are these niche-related or general posts? These are general posts, the article will be crafted to fit the website theme no matter what your website is about. Are these posts permanent? Yes, these posts are permanent, they will stay on the homepage for 4+ weeks and then roll to the inner pages where they will stay permanently. What will the article content be? Articles will be 300-500 words of handwritten 100% unique content. You may also provide your own articles as long as the grammar is good. No spun articles! If I buy more PBN posts do they go on different blogs? Yes, they go on different blogs. Can I See Samples? Sure Please inbox us for Sample Links.
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