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Thanks for stopping by... In this service, you'll get a top-performing Google ads account and campaign set up to generate QUALIFIED, more RELEVANT clicks and leads to your business 👈 What you will get in this service: - Set up of a Search Campaign in Google Ads or Bing ads based On Your Goals - Keywords Research and implementation - Conversion Action and Tag Setup To Track Leads or Sales - Adding Negative Keywords In Order To Exclude Unwanted Traffic costing you money unnecessarily - Enhanced Ad Copy creation to increase people clicking your ads over your competitors - Targeting Relevant Audience - Setup of Remarketing Tag - Competitor analysis - Ad group creation - Bid adjustment: device, location, and more(if needed) - I also educate my clients on how to maintain the campaigns (at no extra cost) 🎁 As an added bonus I will include recommendations on your: - Landing Page Design - Landing Page Copy If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Best, Darren
How it Works
I'll discuss with you, YOUR goals with the campaign
I'll fully set up your ads account
  • You'll get a fully set up ads account optimised for YOUR goals
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    Darren Hourigan

    Certified PPC Expert 👆 | Dublin, IE


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