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🎯 Online Advertising allows you to reach your audience effectively and with results. Why invest in Online Advertising? 👉 Targeting Targeting allows ads to reach people with specific interests, i.e. people who are interested in the products and services you have to offer, by displaying relevant ads. 👉Performance measurement Everything is measured in order to see which ads and strategies generated the most results. This information is used in the constant optimization of campaigns. 👉Cost Control It is possible to define the investment value either per campaign, day or month. The strategy is created according to the investment, giving priority to the type of campaign that best fits the defined objectives. 💛 Google Ads is a Google platform that allows you to effectively drive qualified traffic to your business 💛 Why Advertise on Google Ads? ✔️ Reach more potential customers ✔️ Increase revenue ✔️ Have a strong digital presence What's Included: 🗸 Keywords Research 🗸 Google Campaign Setup 🗸 Ongoing campaign optimization 🗸 Conversion Tracking 🗸 Monthly performance report note: Ads budget Limit up to 2000€ a month (paid directly by the client to Google) on standard package FREE BONUS 🗸 Landing Page Audit What's not Included: - Creatives if applicable - Landing page development or optimization (I can quote if necessary) Before you order, please contact me to see if we fit together Let's grow your business together! Cláudia
How it Works
Call to get to know the business and establish goals
Research about your niche and competitors
Conversions setup
Campaign planning and setup
Send campaign info for your approval
Campaign launch
Ongoing Optimization

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