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If you hear "SEO" or "SEA" and questionmarks pop up in your head - I could be the one for you :P I pick you up exactly where you need me. So depending on your starting point I´ll help you with: - The SEO Audit to see where you and your page are - The right strategy for your product or service - Keyword Research & Target Group - Teach you how to do it or i take the load off your shoulders - Consulting or doing the tasks by my own My experience started 2015. I had several own businesses (from having a T-Shirt Brand, Apps in the Playstore, a e-commerce-store where I sold toys from Japan to France, etc...). Now I´m using my 7 years experience to support interesting products or services. My two biggest clients (working freelancely on projects with them) have both a 2 digit billion in revenue per year and I´m pretty sure you know them. The smallest are Online-Coaches which I brought from 2k-20k per month through Ads. I can handle every kind of budget and make the most out of it. One customer (you can see it in the sample) I brought from 3 to 34 pages on Googles first page. So I love SEO - because it´s the sustainable way of marketing. You´re not dependent on the rising costs of paid ads. You just get traffic organically - without paying for it (except for me :P ) So I would love to hear from you! Adrian
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